Venetian cooking traditions still fully live within our villas' restaurants. A cuisine experience there, can also be combined with art, theatre and entertainment: our villas, in fact, often offer "mistery dinners", Goldoni's comedies, ballet, music, costume events, and many more. 

The Venetian tastes...finding again the great culinary tradition of our territory

The cookery: imagine ancient fragrances, a warm and relaxant atmosphere, frescoes on the walls and history essences. You are not living a dream, but you are in our gastronomic/gastronomical reality made of simple authentic details, bound to the prestigious tradition of the territory.

The wine cellar: travelling from villa to villa you cannot be fascinated from row of vineyards that slide geometric, nearly to form a sea from which a villa emerge a or a castle. Such venues are always synonymous of great oenological culture, maintained and discovered again in the years.

The better way  to discover such patrimony is to taste, to savour, to visit...




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Ville Venete & Castelli

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