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The Villa Giustinian, typical Venetian Villa qualified by a solemn main body and two lateral side, is now owned by Ornella Molon Traverso.

Ornella Molon Traverso was created from the passion of two entrepreneurs who were dedicated to farming with the aim of producing very individual, unique and unrepeatable wines.

A story made of commitment, of small gestures and daily care, love for our land and to their work. A story that brings us back to a present where every sacrifice translates into unique wines, characterized by a strong and soft personality  at the same time.

Wines that can seduce, and conquer through their particularities, which are expressions of culture, a spokesman for style and taste immediately recognizable by the public.

40 hectares of vineyards extend along the plane of the Piave River to the south east of Treviso.

An excellent area for producing top quality wines, thanks to the extremely florid soil and the vicinity to the Adriatic sea.

The care of the vines and scrupulous daily work continues until the grapes are harvested by hand and then taken to the cellar.

The beautiful and impressive park of Villa Giustinian extends for a good 35,000 square meters. A concentration of traditions and culture, a green mirror of ancient and modern splendour, the park is often the theatre for receptions and parties, where the Veneto Villa acts as a beautiful surround.

A hall exclusively used for the barriques: our selected wines age inside these French oak barrels, with a capacity of 225 litres each.

Today as in the past the wine is kept in wood in this air-conditioned room where temperature and humidity are controlled throughout the year, and our red and white wines are left to age, some up to two years.

There is a comfortable, country style hall in the Villa where customers can sample the wines produced by Ornella Molon and Vigna Traverso.

A special meeting with the unmistakeable flavours and perfumes of our land.

From 1982 until today Ornella Molon Traverso has become consistently pursuing a policy based on quality, an important reality that has captured increasing market share, winning prestigious national and international awards.

The philosophy that underlies every action the company is summarized in the phrase "love of excellence." A excellence that can be achieved thanks to the indissoluble union of man and earth, made with respect and patience.

Forget the rush, forget the speed to be constant, to comply with the rhythm of natural products to obtain the maximum, to produce wines with the best quality possible.

The elegance and the uniqueness of the environments are, in this prestigious location, the ideal place to organize events of any kind.

From wedding, to lunches or dinners, to corporate meetings. The atmospheric setting, the precious furnishings and extent of the salt, which can accommodate up to 400 people, will be the backdrop to your most important moments. Every moment is perfect and unforgettable.
During the summer you can organize spectacular cocktails and a welcome cocktail or tasty Sunday buffet outside on the porch or under the old oak tree. During the event, guests will enjoy the paths around the villa discovering magic and timeless charm.

The kitchen, rational and spacious, completely renovated, is characterized through displays and comprehensive facilities and can accommodate any dining reality.

The availability of its own industrial kitchen helps you organize and manage any type of receipt of optimizing time and movements, ensuring a flawless from every point of view.

The chefs will delight your taste buds and those of your friends with good food and fine accompanied, if you wish, by the tasting of the best choices of wine Fitmate Ornella Molon Traverso.

Ornella Molon Traverso invites you to enter into his new tavern.

A meeting place for lovers of good wine and good food. Spend some time relaxing, surrounded by the scents and flavors that reflect the culinary traditions of the Veneto and Friuli. Hospitality and warmth will accompany your tastings, always wanted, always on time, which will vary depending on the seasons to discover ever new combinations that will surprise even the most discerning guest.

Open 11.00-15.30 and from 17.00. Closed on Sunday evening and Monday.

Tel. +39 0422 804248 | email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Osteria Molon will be closed for summer holidays between August 11-18

 ORNELLA MOLON TRAVERSO Via Risorgimento, 40 - 31040 Campo di Pietra (TV) Tel. +39 0422 804807 Fax. +39.0422.804510 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. pagina Facebook @ornellamolonvini


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