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Along the Prosecco Wine Road the Luxury redefined

...dedicated exclusive hospitality, reserved to those who can appreciate the pleasure of a luxury that has indeed become rare.

This 17th century palazzo and the annex venetian villa  reveals its charms in a discrete manner which will capture your heart as soon as you see it. Tranquil and intimate, the Villa Abbazia has another ace up its sleeve: a unique location at the crossroads of numerous treasures. At the juncture of the rose-coloured stone of the Dolomites, the Prosecco route, the Venetian Villas of Palladio and the romantic splendours of Treviso and Venice, there's only one thing wrong with this residence: your choices are too vast. For golfers, the 18-hole course in Asolo - christened "the town of one hundred horizons" - will merely make this dilemma even more difficult…

A journey through the land of Palladio, Giorgione and Titian, through enchanting mountains and vine carpeted valleys, to some of Italy's most romantic cities. Until recently, when one thought of Veneto, one thought immediately, if not almost exclusively, of Venice, partly due to the fact that, for over eleven hundred years, Veneto was an integral part of the Serenissima's territory. Today, Veneto has established its own distinct identity and offers hospitality to numerous visitors eager to explore the many treasures of the region; from the majestic Dolomiti Mountains over which Cortina d'Ampezzo reigns supreme, to the elegant Palladian villas of Vicenza. Then there is Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, and home to the imposing Arena, where both important classical concerts and modern music events are performed. Veneto also boasts other splendid cities such as Treviso, Padova, Chioggia, as well as the magnificent Po delta 

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Who chooses Villa Abbazia for work or leisure knows to found a place which exalt the of the life.

Who chooses Villa Abbazia for work or leisure knows to found a place which exalt the pleasure  of the life.

A lot of guests stay in our hotel to participate to the many congresses hosted by the near congresscentre of Cison di Valmarino or to visit the numerous cellars near Follina town. Moreover both many venetian villas of Fanzolo (Villa Emo) and of Maser (Villa Barbaro), and the historical and romantic cities of Venice, Cortina, Feltre, Calstelfranco Veneto, Bassano del Grappa and Marostica surround our town.

However stay in Relais & Chateaux Villa Abbazia is also choose a holiday on the move: strolling or riding a horse among roman streets and Prosecco rows, riding by bike among ancient little towns and thousand-year villages, or even the marvellous Palladio's villas! Furthermore in the wonderful golf course of Asolo golf Club you can play in one of the 3 courses which create 27 holes, or relax yourself at the edges of the pool.

This and much over is the world enclosing our guests.


Venice less one hour from Follina : a book would not be sufficient to describe it. Because the city's atmosphere provokes different sensations and feelings in each of us which are difficult to put into words. Forget the car, traffic and beeping horns and learn to move around on foot, by boat or in a gondola. Piazza San Marco dominated by the Grande Basilica and Palazzo Ducale is the hub around which everything revolves. Over the centuries the square has paid host to shows, processions and political movements. The Basilica in the form of a Greek cross, dating from the 11th century, is one of its jewels. The oriental façade, with treasures from territories belonging to the Venetian Empire including the gilt-bronze horses brought back from Constantinople in 1204, make it one of the most breathtaking buildings in the world. Inside you can find the 10th century Pala d'Oro (Golden Altar screen), the sacrament altar, the Treasury, the Mascoli Chapel, the Pentecostal Dome and the Madonna di Nicopeia. The 11th century Palazzo Ducale or Palazzo dei Dogi was the official residence of the Venetian rulers and boasts a different, more Gothic style with the upper part in purple marble resting on a series of Istrian white stone loggia and arches. Do not miss the Scalinata dei Giganti, Porta della Carta and Sala del Maggior Consiglio.But there are many places located outside the square that are worthwhile visiting, like the Gallerie dell'Accademia whose collection covers a period of five centuries of the Venetian school of art with both paintings and sculptures.Or Cà Rezzonico, the building overlooking the Canal Grande whose rooms are filled with 18th century paintings and drawings and the impressive church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, a 13th century Gothic building. The interior is surprising for its enormous dimensions and for the calibre of art on display: masterpieces by Titian, Giovanni Bellini, and a statue by Donatello. The Arsenale, the naval centre of Venetian power and the Ghetto to the north of the city which was created at the beginning of the 16th century and was the first ghetto in the world. For those who like to get to know a place through its cuisine, La Serenissima's cuisine is one of the best in Italy.There are the Rialto markets - the fish market under the 19th century loggia looking out onto Canal Grande and the fruit and vegetable market which is a rainbow of colour and well worth visiting. For lunch you need to hunt out the local restaurants (osterie), here are just a few: Antica Osteria di Santa Marina ( Campo Santa Marina 5911  Tel. 041 5285239 nd Vecio Fritolin (Santa Croce 2262, Calle della Regina, Tel. 041 5222881) between Rialto and Ca Pesaro. The following dishes are recommended: cicheti (fish cakes) and risi e bisi (rice and peas from lagoon-side orchards cooked in their own juice). Liver is the most important meat and is cooked in the pan with onions or wrapped in pig skin with sage and fried in butter (Figà col radeselo) or coated in breadcrumbs and fried with vinegar and sugar (Figà garbo e dolce). Harry's Bar (S. Marco 1323, Calle Vallaresso, Tel. 041 5285777) behind Piazza S. Marco is a famous Venetian establishment where you can stop off for a coffee or aperitif. It was highly praised by Hemingway during his stays in the city and is where Arrigo Cipriani, a descendent of Giuseppe who opened the bar in 1931, serves the bar's famous carpaccio along with other sophisticated dishes

From youtube a video of the province of treviso  ..if you see you love it


A journey that highlights one of the favourite passions of women who devote their time to shopping, you have the opportunity to alternate sightseeing trips and gourmet evenings.
We will provide you all our addresses to find secret stores or unique shops....the chance to make unforgettable your stay research.

Our journey will begin as always from the hotel and we will visit La Volta and then to go trough our region and finish once again within the walls of Villa Abbazia for a visit to the Caffè Progresso where you can buy the typical land culinary delights.


The shop La Volta, next to the Hotel Abbazia, offers for sale, alongside a variety of pieces of antiques, the passion of the owners : a multitude of objects from the hotel, whose guests often fall in love so much that they want to take home. Sugar bowls, cups and teapots with ceramic floral designs or colors of white and blue ..each one is so different.

In a small room and overcrowded, however, that communicates joy and grace of yesterday, wherever your eye is positioned it discovers a surprise.

An extremely wide range of prices for everybody's budget. So people who buy once here often returns.



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