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Portobuffolè is a pleasant medieval village, famous to be the smallest town in Italy and as the birth place of Gaia da Camino, a learned and fascinating lady who lived in the Middle Ages. It rises around the ancient donjon, from which it is possible to see the river Livenza. In the 17th century the noble family Giustinian dei Vescovi from Venice made build this villa where they could relax completely. Rich of frescoes, statues, stuccoes and fregi, the building had among its guests the Imperial family of Austria, famous members of the Church, of the Republic of Venice and of other States. The church, dating back to the year 1694, has fine stuccoes, marbles, one fresco, a ceiling by Domenico Fabris and a wooden crucifix attributed to Andrea Brustolon. Thanks to a careful restoration the villa has recovered all its original beauty as a venetian villa. For some years the villa has become one of the most elegant and refined hotels in Veneto. The hotel provides top comfort and all modern facilities combined with the easy going atmosphere that recalls the traditional hospitality of the Venetian villa.


VILLA GIUSTINIAN Via Giustiniani, n° 1 - 31019 Portobuffolè (TV) Tel: +39 0422 850244   Fax: +39 0422 850260 www.villagiustinian.itThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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 Address:  Via Postumia Romana 1 - 31038 Postioma di Paese (TV) - ITALY

  Phone: +39 0422 482714

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