One could sense the refined air of the noble court of Caterina Cornaro, already Queen of Cypress, when the first step in the construction of the Villa Razzolini Loredan was realized. The villa, a building of the 1700's, is situated gently at the foot of the Asolo hillside in the glorious “Marca Trevigiana”. Destined to receive noble families and the notables of the time, the centuries have helped to enhance and continually embellish this work of architecture. The villa of today, echoing the style of the traditional Venetian patrician residence disseminated in the plain, has been transformed into an exquisite restaurant that maintains respect for its original architectural intent and structure as well as the environment. The entry parlor, adorned with capitals, lead to the discovery of the villa's public rooms whose awe is not that of grand oppressive spaces but one that inspires a sense of familiarity.  The large public room on the noble floor “piano nobile” is enticing, illuminated and young in spite of the years it bears. It is surrounded by a wood gallery and the glance of nymphs that form the crown of a triumphant Venus frescoed in the first part of the 1900's by Noe' Bordignon. Other adjoining and connecting rooms welcome a pause for friendly meetings and encounters, while table companions taste the best of culinary ingenuity from the restaurant's well respected staff of chefs. Seasonal menus excel in products originating from the hillsides of Treviso with flavorful ingredients such as peas from Borso, seasonal mushrooms from the Venetian mountainsides and tasty white asparagus from the Bassano plain. Of particular satisfaction throughout the year is the offering of fish dishes, often a rarity in this area of the Venetian territory and during the winter, while vegetable gardens lay at rest, one can sample one of a million recipes prepared using the prestigious radicchio of Treviso. This is but only one aspect in this Asolo restaurant's versatility of cuisine. Other aspects include the organization and execution of wedding banquets, business meetings and simple friendly dinners, all with an intricate understanding of what it takes to create a moment to remember. Aside from the preciousness of its form, the Villa Razzolini Loredan offers its visitors beautiful lateral “barchesse”, a rear oratory and the vastness of a park with numerous rare species and age- old trees. A walk through the green surroundings helps to clear the mind of everyday concerns and allows it to wander through the soft folds of the Asolo hills. One can hike towards “La Rocca” where Caterina Cornaro took refuge with her court of ladies and artists after having turned over Cypress to Venice,  stroll through the narrow streets of the historical center to follow the declamations of Eleonora Duse, or to read the works of Robert Browning, to hear the notes composed by Malipero, to admire the architectural designs of Carlo Scarpa or to hear the stories of the famous traveler, Freya Stark who right in Asolo received the last visit of the Queen Mother of England. The villa/restaurant, easily reached from Treviso and Bassano del Grappa, has been inserted in enogastronomic and tour itineraries on the national and international level. The villa is noted not only for its elegance and its renowned cuisine, but also for its vicinity to artistic and cultural attractions.  A visit to this elegant villa rich with history, tradition, culture and a fabulous cuisine is surely warranted.  

VILLA RAZZOLINI LOREDAN Via Schiavonesca Marosticana, n° 15 - 31011 Asolo (TV) Tel: +39 0423 951088   Fax: +39 0423 521127 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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