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Along the banks of the Brenta, at Dolo in the locality of Cesare Musatti, one finds Villa Nani Mocenigo Golin. The complex is made up of a villa with an old stable to the east and a garden. Access to the road is through a gate, which is held up by two pillars topped with statues.
The villa is organised on three floors with a symmetrical layout, which is characterised by a central living room and lateral rooms. The stairs are situated in the western part. Created in stone, the staircase has terraced landings. The two-tiered stable is connected to the villa by a portico, which is an old-style loop. This part also has a symmetrical layout that can be seen mainly in the facade. Above and below, all the holes are printed with friezes. The southern prospect of the villa is completely decorated. The bottom part has printed ashlar-work with two dark arches. At the main floor there are two big medallions surmounted by eagles with spread unfolded wings, with decoration over above the windows and false open-work battlement, whilst at the second floor there are two smaller medallions and a simpler decoration. The decorations have been re-touched many times. The original part, showing evident signs of spotting, still exist only at the second floor, in the central part. The facade is marked by stone string-courses, whilst on the central axis there is a stone portal at the ground floor, a small stone terrace at the first floor and a arched niche with a decoration and a fresco painting. Above all, there is a tympan with acroterions made of terracotta and a statue. The rear perspective is the same but much simpler, still with a closed arch at the second floor.

Inside, the villa has parietal decorations, fillets and friezes in every single room at the ground floor, with a central halls ceiling showing false painted plasters. At the first floor there are geometrical decorations and large regular campiture, whilst ate the second floor a wonderful hall holds painted upholsteries showing tri dimensional lozenges and geometrical patterned ceilings. Everywhere there are Venetian floorings with campiture and precious tri dimensional geometric patterns.

This Villa was built in the XVIII century for the will of the Nani Mocenigo Family. Following interventions had implemented the internal modifications: in 1838, as reported by a date on the floor, the Venetian terraces, of which the building is rich, were built. Recently the all building has been restored.

Nowadays, the Villa is home of a Restaurant, which occupies the all of the ground floor; furthermore, it is home of a cultural association which organise various typologies of events and of a music school mastered by Mogol, other than a rare bird and butterflies breeding.

Open to the public: On the following days:  Mon. - Tues. - Wed. - Thurs. - Fri. - Sat. - Sun.

Restaurant always open except on tuesday evening. To book for the upper floors of the Villa.


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