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Villa Cà Zane Martin is an historical Venetian Villa dating back to the end of the 15th century with annexed boat house which has recently been bought back to the ancient glory thanks to a long (almost 10 years ) conservative refurbishment and the restoration of its precious frescoes, as well asthe original floors and the wooden structures.

Today, the villa bears the name of its first and last owners: the Zane family was among the richest and renowned Venetian families. In past times, the Zanes belonged to the group of the 24 “old families” who claimed tribunicial origins. In the years of the Most Serene Republic, the Zanes had prestigious positions in society: They were ambassadors, procurators, governors, scholars, captains of the navy and they were often invested with the title of knight. Thanks to their fame and power, they could establish tight family relationships with some of the most powerful Venetian families like the Contarini, the Giustinian, the Tiepolo, the Priuli, the Barbarigo, the Pisani and  the Venier families.

The Prestige rooms are the heart of the Villa. They are located on the ground floor and are entirely frescoed by original paintings dating back to the end of the 15th century. A recent, conservative long restoration has brought them back to the original splendour.

The colours and the refined furniture remind of the original style of the rooms, brining the guest back to the noble atmosphere of the The Most Serene - “Serenissima” Republic.

All the rooms are one of a kind and the Prestige ones tell all different stories thanks to their frescoes.

The Prodigal Son: The walls in this room are fully frescoed. The paintings tell the parable of the Prodigal Son as it told in the bible; it seems that a similar episode occurred to the Zane family as well.

Mr. Zane had many children, two of them were twins (they are represented in the fresco above the door room). One of the twins was particularly naughty to his father and after having argued with him furiously,  he decided to leave the family and go far away.  The four capitals frescoed on the walls represent the four seasons the son passed far from home, so do the paintings of the banquets and the parties he used to attend while away.

The “Justice” allegory represented by the Goddess carrying the scale is quite important, in fact it represents the power of forgiveness.

In the end, guests may admire the scene of the Prodigal Son once finally back to his charitable father, who warmly welcomes him. On the background everything is being set for the celebration of a great party.

The hope: The frescoes in this room are the most ancient ones and they date back to the end of the 15th century. The characteristic of these frescoes is that the strokes, the colours used and their composition make them look like real tapestry, a sort of wall paper.

The wooden coffer ceiling is entirely hand painted.

The fresco above the door depicts a noble girl in the act of praying and hoping for the return of her lover off to war.

The Serenissima:  The God of the Sea and the God of the Wind are both painted as to represent Venice and its important port, an international hub for merchant ships directed to Greece ( in fact, there are many mythological figures painted) and the Far East.

In this room, the fresco above the window narrates the allegory of “Purity”: the bare-breasted Goddessembraces the unicorn; the one instead above the door represents the allegory of “Strength”: the woman here seems to lift a pillar. 

The hawk and the dog personify respectively the sight, the power, the flair for business, the attention for natural affections. The Zanes were a nice big family with strong emotional ties; they also were important and powerful merchants. This room too has a wooden coffer ceiling with original hand paintings.

The restaurant at Ca’ Zane Martin can easily accommodate up to 120 people and offers a refined atmosphere; its elegance suits all meeting occasions making the banqueting a pleasant experience for the senses.

Careful and experienced personnel will take care of all aspects concerning the organization of the events, the dinners and the banquets.

The restaurant cuisine conjugates the regional characteristic dishes to the new finest cuisine trends, offering seasonal food and typical products of the Venetian Lagoon.

The Meeting room (62 sqm) can accommodate up to 70/80 people and it's the ideal place for congresses, meetings and any other event requiring state-of-the-art equipment, as well as the presence of qualified restaurant personnel for coffee breaks, quick lunches or business dinners.

The meeting room at Villa Cà Zane Martin is equipped with:

Chairman table and meeting tables;

Amplifier with 6 30 W adjustable speakers for meeting rooms; 

  • Video-projector;
  • Slide-out Screen;
  • Table Microphones;
  • Cd and Dvd player;
  • Radio;
  • Wireless and/or Lan Connection;
  • Alternate lightning and blind curtains.

All sorts of meetings, special events, weddings and parties can easily be organized, thanks to all these services wisely put together.

Villa Cà Zane Martin is the ideal location to celebrate events and wedding parties, thanks to the beautiful classic Venetian Villa, the huge park and the refined atmospheres of the restaurant, which is in the boat-house.

All our “ wedding packages” are studied to meet our guests expectations and tastes and

newlyweds can decide over a wide selection of services: they can opt for a welcome buffet in the park, or to have it served inside the Villa.

Menus can either be meat of fish or both on demand.

This is just an example of what we could offer to tickle our guests appetite during a wedding-party:

Buffet cheese tasting: four different cheeses to be tasted at the end of the meal with a selection of honey, jams and particular mustards;

Miniature Haute Patisserie!: we propose a large variety of  miniature pastries  to tickle all different palates;

Confetti tasting corner: as confetti are the marriage major symbol, tradition wants they are left to guests together with a little present as a good-luck charm and as to thank people for having shared such an important moment together. On demand, it will be possible to organize a confetti corner with more than ten different types of confetti flavour.

Fruit meets chocolate: most of us are used to have some fruit after a good lunch, we all certainly love it if it is served in a black chocolate wrap. Resisting will be impossible, pure joy for the eyes and for the palate!

National and International liqueurs and spirits tasting corner: this is a special treat for all those who wish to taste a selection of some among the finest national and international grappas. A convivial moment to share with friends and close relatives.

As an alternative, the open bar will be at guests disposal for all other cocktail or soft drink they may want to taste.

Light play: light play may be the perfect solution when guests want to add a touch of romance to the event, making the atmosphere magic, playing with perfumes and light candles, which will be especially selected for you. The launch of Japanese lanterns is always of great emotional  impact and can be offered on demand.

Our well-trained personnel will be at your complete disposal to organize the most important day of your life.

For further information or to fix an appointment to view the villa and its spaces, please do not hesitate to contact us at +39 041 412 216 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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