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This historical Villa is an enchanting building of XVI century, finely restructured maintaining its original design where even the smallest details have been chosen with great care, the Villaplacidly lays on the banks of the River Brenta, only 20 minutes away from Venice.

Immersed in a lush garden with century trees where there is an ancient oratory totallyrecovered to its brightness and the antique “barchessa”

This is for sure the ideal place for unforgettable events.

In this historic residence, in old times two Doges of the Serenissima where housed here, they belonged to the Valier family, but also some of the most important Venetian families lived here too. Its main activity has always been the setting for elite events. In this villa, in 1666, the official celebration of the transit between the Venetian States of Margherita, daughter of the king of Spain, travelling to join her husband to be Leopoldo I of Hapsburg, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire took place.

The Doge Silvestro Valier organized one of the most sumptuous receptions to welcome the future Empress. The chronicles of the time tell that the Doge came up to his guests with a suit lined with golden lace, with big diamonds as buttons, and a very heavy gem-set sword.

Valier is the name of an ancient Patrician Family of Venice, it was one of the limited numbers of families that continuously represented the Great Council of Venice with one or more members and this went on for half a millennium, from the Lockout of 1297 until the end of the Serenissima Republic in 1797 due to the Napoleonic troops.

The Valier family gave the Serenissima Republic two Doges (Bertuccio and Silvestro) and two Cardinals to the Roman Catholic Church (Agostino and Pietro).

The Doge Bertuccio Valier (1596 – 1658), descendant of the Prioli family, married Benedetta Pisani, the have many children but only one lived enough to become Doge himself too. The Doge Bertuccio Valier was very rich and a successful diplomatic, he was considered by his contemporaries a smart and refined man. He was in office for just three years, a definitely long and lucky time if compared with his predecessor Francesco Corner, died after just nineteen days of reign.

While Bertuccio will be remembered for having rejected the Turkish peace offer, his son Silvestro (1630-1700) will go down in history for being the poors' Doge, although he was known to love good life, he was very attentive to the population's problems. Moreover his personage had a peculiar attraction, because his wife Elisabetta Querini, known for her charm was the last Venice Dogaressa, and the only one to be solemnly crowned after 1646, when a law prohibited sumptuous and expensive celebrations to protect the reign economy.

Bertuccio, Silvestro and the last Venetian Dogaressa were buried in the magnificent Baroque mausoleum in the Basilica Santi Giovanni e Paolo in Venice.


On your wedding day the gate of Villa Valier will open onto the river banks and from that moment the Villa will be your home.

In the shadow of ancient trees you will join your guests for a welcome toast and then the whole property of 20.000 m² will be at your disposal to be your frame instant after instant. The bigcentury-old garden offers snug corners and wide areas for your photographic service, that can be enhanced inside the ancient oratory and in the rooms of the Villa.

For the wedding dinner you can choose the fascinating and wide barchessa with arches, or the more intimate rooms with frescoes, among the story of the strong Hercules and chubby cupids.

All the rooms are elegantly restructured and decorated with original and unique furniture, attributable to different styles and historical times, from the living room of the XVIII century, to the art nouveau lamp dated beginning of XX century, from the Persian carpets of the entrance, to the grand piano in the music hall, everything talks about culture and grace.

Please contact us for a private visit and to discover the several opportunities of this historic place, our staff is at your beck and call.

Just like the Serenissima Republic did for great artists from all over the world, Villa Valier opens its doors to Art offering one-of-a-kind exhibition areas. Let our staff guide you through the rooms with frescoes and through the paths of the garden, to arrange your unforgettable moment.


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