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Along the river Brenta, stands Villa Foscarini Rossi, a 16th century architectural complex realized by Vicenzo Scamozzi consisting of 3 buildings – the Foresteria, the Main Villa and the Stable. The Foresteria is formed by a big central Lounge, the original core of the structure, and two side wings. The prestigious stateroom that once hosted balls and receptions, was decorated in 1652 by various artists, among which Domenico De Bruni and Petro Liberi. Today, after an accurate restoration and thanks to the modern equipment provided therein, the villa is an ideal place to organize conferences, meetings, gala dinners, cocktails, concerts and fashion shows. The prestigious stateroom can welcome up to 200 people and offers the possibility to enjoy in fine weather conditions  a view of the suggestive Portico and the garden. The vast Attic, an open space of 550 square meters, is a very comfortable place, distinguished by a mighty trussed roof and ovoidal windows, which is able to host up to 500 people. The Park is the attractive setting for big marquees in support of the lounges of the Villa at events with more than 1000 participants. During the neo-classical period the master’s villa was rearranged by architect Jappelli. A few areas – the Gothic and the Egyptian room – were richly frescoed by his students. Today the halls of the villa have became a museum for two permanent footwear exhibitions: one, the footwear display “Calzature d’autore”, brings together the most representative models of the “Rossimoda Fashion Firm”, production in 50 years, which has for years been responsible for supplying footwear to the most famous fashion designers mondials; the second exhibition brings together the owner’s private art collection where few Andy Wharol’s pictures stand

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