La Valverde is a typical expression of the tradition of the Veneto landscape and its agriculture. The buildings are arranged in a U shape where the central part is the villa padronale (manor house), the oldest part of which dates back to the fifteenth century. The lateral buildings were used as the living quarters of the tenant farmers and for the production of wine and other produce.

As in many other villas of the Veneto region, beauty and utility blend together to create a unique artistic heritage.

The architectural and compositional continuity is shared by all the buildings facing the court. Even the humbler constructions – such as the seventeenth century building housing the wine cellar, wine press and the private chapel dedicated to San Carlo – have finely worked decorative details.

The manor house has preserved its original beauty with its large, stone fireplaces, painted ceilings and the frescoed walls by J. Ligozzi.

The courtyard, once occupied by the sunny threshing yard in brick, has become a richly perfumed, shady garden. In the surrounding fields, once full of blossoming apple, pear and peach trees and where grapes and mulberries were cultivated, the trees are growing once more.

Today La Valverde is within easy reach of Verona and is surrounded by a beautiful garden with an orchard, vegetable garden and a wood planted about ten years ago.

To visit the villa booking is required Tel. +39 045 526499 Entrance fee: € 8,00 adults Entrance fee: € 3 children aged 4-14

Venue hire

The old wine cellar and the tinazzara (above the cellar where grapes were pressed to produce must) are now evocative spaces ideal for wine tasting events, product presentations, book launches, and private and company parties.

The character of these workspaces, that has remained intact for centuries, has been enhanced by careful restoration work.

To maintain the authentic flavour of the place the restoration of the wine cellar was carried out using traditional, eco-friendly methods. The stone walls were treated with lime, the solid flooring in wood has been restored, the furniture and fittings have the romantic feel of items salvaged from the attic. The old oak barrels and the vats in which the grapes were pressed occupy their original positions.

Gardening courses

We organize gardening courses in which you can learn how to cultivate garden plants and discover new varieties of beautiful and useful ornamental and fruit-bearing plants.

The  garden, which occupies the space that was once the farm courtyard with the threshing area in brick in the centre, offers the chance to observe numerous species of ornamental plants, in particular ancient varieties of rose.

The orchard is rich in unusual varieties and species such as giuggiole (Chinese dates), amarene (sour cherries), mele cotogne (quince) and pomi lazzarini (a small fruit of the Rosaceae family). These are fruits which evoke forgotten flavours that we would like our visitors to rediscover.

In the vegetable garden, season after season, we sow the seeds of the ingredients that are a part of our traditional cuisine: broccoli, red chicory, Verona celery, pumpkin, tomatoes, potatoes and so on.

The teaching farm

Every tree has a story to tell.

Origins, history, legends and use of the trees that play an important part in our traditions.

At La Valverde there are numerous species of plant: the wild wood, the trees used for timber and the fruit trees. For each one there is a story to tell. A ‘guided tour’ through the trees allows the children to recognize the characteristics of the different types of wood, listen to the history of their origins and appreciate how each tree is used in everyday life. The aim of the workshop is to stimulate a greater awareness of trees by describing their properties and the different ways they can be used. The children will learn to recognize the reproductive systems of the tree and will take home a vase with a seed that they can germinate so that it can, in turn, grow into a tree.

The workshops are organized for children in the first and second years of primary school. The best times to participate in a workshop are from 1st September to 15th November and from 1 March to 15th June.


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