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Bevilacqua Castle was built in 1336 by Guglielmo Bevilacqua and successively completed by his son, Francesco. The castle was surrounded by a wide moat and three rings of fortified walls joined by a drawbridge and had both defensive and state functions. Over the centuries it suffered considerable damage in the numerous wars against the Venetian Republic, by which it had been seized. In around 1532 Gianfrancesco Bevilacqua commissioned the architect Michele Sanmicheli with the complete modernisation of the medieval building, which was thus transformed into a country home fitted with the newest and most comfortable interiors. In 1756 Gaetano Ippolito Bevilacqua resumed work on the castle, restoring a large part of its interiors. However, it was burnt by Austrian troops in the nineteenth century and was consequently once again restored in 1860 by Felicita Bevilacqua and her husband, who gave the entire building a neogothic look the romantic tastes of the period.

The Cerato family commenced important in keeping with restoration work in 1990, which has helped to restore the ancient splendour of Sanmicheli’s sixteenth-century interiors.

A beautiful and unique hanging garden featuring centuries-old plants surrounds the medieval complex on three sides.


The four star hotel offers 7 marvellous junior suites differing from one another in style and character, 7 magical sceneries for a real taste of a faraway times. In each junior suite, the Renaissance style of decorations perfectly blends with contemporary design and modern comforts. All the charm and the magic of the Relais Castello Bevilacqua make staying in the hotel a truly unique experience.

Restaurant “All’Antica Ala”

The elegant à la carte restaurant “All’Antica Ala” is an exclusive setting for any kind of occasion, a romatic dinner or business lunch. It serves typical regional dishes with a touch of innovation, enhancing and promoting the unique gastronomic traditions of the Veneto area.

Weddings and Events

It is an ideal setting for weddings and receptions. The Castle 40 rooms furnished that can accomodate up to 800 people. The guests can appreciate the elegant atmosphere of the rooms, the beauty of the gardens and the wonderful dishes of our chef.

In the Castle are organized different events as dinners with crime, wine tasting experience, halloween party, medieval party, new year’s eve dinner, carnival party, cocktails, show room and theatre performances.

Meeting & Congress

In the medieval Castle any events is unique and successful, thanks to the the beauty of the place and the hospitality and professionalism of its staff.

The Venue has 16 rooms with tecnical equipment needed. It is the ideal location for any kind of event, small meetings and big conference.




Villa Bevilacqua was built in the XVI century to be one of the country estate of Santa Anastasia family, which was relative of Bevilacqua family.

The origin of the family needs to be found in Guglielmo III (1418-1486), known as the soldier of Mantua who fought against Venice. Moreover he was one of the supporters of the Emperor Federico III.

Another family of that time, the family SS. Apostoli was more powerful in political and economical aspects than the family S. Anastasia, thus historian focus on the first family and that is the reason we have a lack of information about the history of the family of S. Anastasia.

We know that in 1800 between the two families there were different conflicts for economic reasons. The properties of S. Anastasia family were less than the properties of SS. Apostoli family, but the two families together were the owners of all the plots and buildings of Bevilacqua.

Weddings and Events

Villa Bevilacqua is a beautiful estate with a wide park. It is located in an area close to the cities of Verona, Vicenza, Padova and Rovigo. The Estate welcome the guests in a warm and refined atmosphere, where any details is well-finished. The room “Santa Anastasia” is bright and elegant with a view of the garden and its romantic fountains.


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