It is important to remember that with its 3,803 Villas (4,328 including the FVG ones) the “Venetian Villas Tourist System” is undoubtedly the most widespread historical tourist attraction in Veneto region and, above all, it is the only one totally spread throughout the whole territory.

In fact, if tourists are interested in mountains, they will have to focus on the province of Belluno, or Vicenza's highlands and Lake Garda's hills in Verona.

As regards the seaside, they can enjoy the whole Venetian coast – from the Po delta to Bibione, while the thermal area is mainly concentrated on the Eugaei hills (Abano and Montegrotto).

On the other hand, you will find Venetian Villas in 93% of Veneto's municipalities: a phenomenon of massive proportions that has no counterpart elsewhere and which contributes significantly to the construction of our territory's cultural identity.

Today the villa is no longer seen primarily as an artistic fact, but it is also considered as a cultural tourist product of great value.

Venetian Villas are today fully integrated with their territory, where they often create initiatives related to culture, gastronomy, traditions, natural environment and entrepreneurial activities.

Distribution of Venetian Villas in Veneto (3,803):

Province of Treviso = 787 Venetian Villas

Province of Vicenza = 683 Venetian Villas

Province of Verona = 676 Venetian Villas

Province of Padua = 638 Venetian Villas

Province of Venice = 573 Venetian Villas

Province of Rovigo = 251 Venetian Villas

Province of Belluno = 195 Venetian Villas


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