Our association's goals are the recovery and development of tourism in the artistic and architectural heritage of the North-East. Few people know that the heritage handed down by the Serenissima Republic consists of over 4000 Venetian villas of which only a small part is renovated while many others live in a state of deterioration, offensive to their beauty and historic-artistic importance.

Aware of this serious deficiency and decided to redevelop tourism in a more cultural sense, in recent years the Association has developed a project that enhances and promotes art – both to increase the flow of tourists in historical venues (and to ensure owners of revenue that allow the building's maintenance), and to ensure (through their beauty) Veneto's qualification as first tourist region in Italy.

Relying only partially on government grants for the restoration of this immense heritage, we thought that the only way was to ensure the villas' maintenance was to raise both tourist visits (in museum-villas), and help the owners to transform them in hotels, congress centres, B&Bs, etc.

As regards tourism in historic venues, we have become the single point of contact for agencies and individuals who want to experience the thrill of Renaissance history.

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Ville Venete & Castelli

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