“Venetian Villas & Castles” Association currently includes a hundred museums, hotels, restaurants and conference facilities, where already many companies organise their meetings or product-launches. They are all authentic historic venues, fully equipped to host all kinds of events: cultural events, gastronomic, musical and theatrical performances, weddings, fashion shows, fairs, and, of course, meetings and conferences. Impressive is the tourist movement generated by the Venetian Villas, both for meetings and conferences, both for product presentations and photographic services, both for special occasions and ceremonies.

There are numerous Venetian Villas that arrive at 110/130 events per year including corporate meetings and weddings, graduations and anniversaries. Equally large is the audience that attends our Villas for museum visits or attending cultural events (exhibitions, concerts, theatre or dance and get-togethers). Our residences which offer hospitality have a limited number of rooms (an average of 30/40), but with an employment rate that high (94/97% per annum) that they stimulate a number of attendance of over one million and a half per year.

Venetian Villas that offer hospitality have, in fact, a high or medium-high target clientele, Italian and foreign, that, without seasonality, enjoys events, exhibitions, business trips or just a relaxing holiday in a historical environment.


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